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Last Updated: May 5 2021 6:35PM
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Wednesday, May 5 2021
- Civil Calendar
- Civil Calendar
Wednesday, May 12 2021
- Criminal Calendar via AT&T Conference Line
Phone Number: 888-684-8852, Access Code: 7281326
4:12-cr-00495-SBA - USA v. Rick Bailey
For connection information, please see the judge's page.
Admission Hrg re SRV/PRBV
- Civil Calendar
Thursday, May 13 2021
- Civil Calendar
4:20-cv-04717-SBA - People of the State of California v. Betsy Devos
Further Case Mgmt Conference
Tuesday, May 18 2021
4:18-cv-03197-SBA - Center for Environmental Health et al v. Wheeler et al
Motion to Stay
Wednesday, Jun 9 2021
4:19-cv-02904-SBA - Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University v. Zhang et al
Motion to Dismiss
4:07-cv-03685-SBA - Kirola et al v. City & County of San Francisco, The et al
For connection information, please see the judge's page.
Motion for Review of Taxation of Costs
4:18-cv-06830-SBA - Shiferaw et al v. City and County of San Francisco et al
For connection information, please see the judge's page.
Motion to Strike
4:19-cv-08171-SBA - Care Ambulance Service, Inc. et al v. Scott Griffith Collaborative Solutions, LLC
Motion to Dismiss
4:20-cv-02774-SBA - Davis v. City of Richmond et al
Motion for Summary Judgment
4:20-cv-04958-SBA - Mann v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
Thursday, Jun 10 2021
- Civil Calendar
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Judge Armstrong's courtroom assignment will be posted to the public calendar approximately 5 days before the calendar date. Please use "TBD" for courtroom location.

Calendar Schedule:

Parties do not need to reserve a hearing date however, parties must check the list of unavailable dates below. Please note that parties should notice hearings on motions in accordance with the local rules. You must submit a chamber's copy of all motion papers in order to be placed on calendar.

Discovery - Judge Armstrong does not hear discovery matters. If you have a discovery issue and your case has not been assigned to a Magistrate Judge for all discovery matters, electronically file your motion leaving the hearing date and time blank.  Your motion will be referred to a Magistrate Judge for all further discovery.  Once the Magistrate Judge is assigned,  his or her clerk will contact you with a date and time for the hearing if one is required.

Proposed Orders - All proposed orders must be e-filed AND submitted in WORD format to   L.R. 5-1(g)

Parties shall not contact Judge Armstrong or her chambers staff by telephone, email, or any other ex parte means, but may contact her courtroom deputy clerk at or (510) 637-3542 regarding scheduling or other appropriate inquiries.