Calendar for: Judge Claudia Wilken
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Courtroom Deputy: Brittany Sims

Last Updated: Feb 1 2023 6:03PM
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Thursday, Feb 2 2023
- Judge Wilken Unavailable - All Day
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Please check the public calendar approximately 5 days before the hearing date for Judge Wilken's courtroom assignment. Please use "TBD" for courtroom location.


Weekly Court Calendar Schedule:

Parties do not need to reserve a hearing date however, parties must check the list of unavailable dates below. Please note that parties should notice hearings on motions in accordance with the local rules.

Hearing dates may be continued pursuant to stipulation and order (L.R. 6-2) or by motion (L.R 6-3).

All Proposed Orders must be e-filed AND submitted in WORD format to Judge Wilken's proposed order email address at L.R. 5-1(g)

The following dates are NOT available for hearings:

February 2, 2023

August 3, 2023

September 28, 2023