Calendar for: Magistrate Judge Thomas S. Hixson
Courtroom G, 15th Floor
Courtroom Deputy: Rose Maher

Last Updated: Aug 12 2022 12:27AM
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Friday, Aug 12 2022
3:21-cv-03444-MMC - Robbins v. PlushCare, Inc. et al
Zoom Video Camera Hearing-re ECF Docket No. 65
Wednesday, Aug 17 2022
4:22-cv-01761-DMR - Thimesch v. Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC et al
Settlement Conference
4:21-cv-09163-YGR - Johnson v. Savvy Cellar Wines, Inc.
Further Telephone Conference-Pre-Settlement Conference
Thursday, Aug 18 2022
3:21-cv-07011-TSH - Johnson v. GTD Ventures, LLC et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:21-cv-08287-TSH - Johnson v. Saleh
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:21-cr-00423-TSH - USA v. Saul Carranza
Status Conference re SRV/PRBV
3:22-cv-02875-TSH - Thurston v. Travelers Commercial Insurance Company
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-mc-80187-TSH - In Re Subpoenas to Marqeta, Inc.
Motion Hearing
3:18-cv-05387-SI - Pauly et al v. Stanford Health Care
Motion Hearing
Monday, Aug 22 2022
5:22-cv-01125-EJD - Whitaker v. Beowawie Tea, LLC
Settlement Conference-by Zoom
Tuesday, Aug 23 2022
3:21-cv-00757-JD - Frasco v. Flo Health, Inc.
Settlement Conference-by Zoom
Thursday, Aug 25 2022
3:11-cv-00030-SI - Board of Trustees of the Sheet Metal Workers Health Care Trust of Northern California et al v. Total Air Balance Company, Inc.
Judgment Debtor Exam
3:22-cv-00338-TSH - Knuth v. Resch
Further Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-cv-03130-TSH - Haag v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
4:21-cv-03548-DMR - Garcia v. Feng Haung Investment L.L.C. et al
Settlement Conference-by Zoom
Friday, Aug 26 2022
5:21-cv-09179-BLF - Garcia v. Madurai Appu Inc.
Settlement Conference-by Zoom
Tuesday, Aug 30 2022
3:19-cv-00710-AGT - Operating Engineers Health And Welfare Trust Fund For Northern California et al v. BCJ Sand & Rock, Inc. et al
Further Pre-Settlement Conference Telephone Call
Thursday, Sep 1 2022
3:22-cv-00466-TSH - Board of Trustees of the Laborers Health and Welfare Trust Fund for Northern California et al v. Advanced Concrete Sawing and Sealing, Inc.
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-cv-02575-TSH - GN Audio A/S et al v. Snik LLC
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
Tuesday, Sep 6 2022
3:21-cv-07179-WHO - Amplified AI, Inc. et al v. Mansfield
Settlement Conference-by Zoom
Wednesday, Sep 7 2022
4:20-cv-05656-KAW - District Council 16 Northern California Health and Welfare Trust Fund et al v. Shugart Glass of Texas, Inc.
Settlement Conferenceby Zoom
Thursday, Sep 8 2022
3:21-mj-71206-MAG - USA v. David Cuevas
Status Conference
3:21-cv-01951-TSH - Koeppen et al v. Carvana, LLC
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-cv-01898-TSH - Operating Engineers Health And Welfare Trust Fund For Northern California et al v. Substructure Support, Inc. et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-cv-03302-TSH - Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. John Doe subscriber assigned IP address
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:21-cv-00300-CRB - Einstein v. Radio Thermostat Company of America Inc et al
Telephone Conference-Pre-Settlement Conference
Wednesday, Sep 14 2022
3:21-cr-00426-TSH-1 - USA v. Buddy McIsaac
AUSA: Anna Nguyen / DEF: David Rizk
Sentencing-by Zoom
Thursday, Sep 15 2022
3:22-cv-03601-TSH - Aviation West Charters, LLC v. SutterSelect Plan Administration Committee et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
Thursday, Sep 22 2022
3:19-cv-04638-TSH - Cloud v. Brennan
Motion Hearing
3:20-cv-04093-TSH - Jones v. Mora et al
Motion Hearing
3:22-cv-03631-TSH - MDOF Wells, LLC v. Total Property Solutions, Inc. et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
3:22-cv-03679-TSH - McQuarters v. Borgna
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
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Judge Hixson is not having any in-person hearings on his civil law and motion calendar,

For connection information on all proceedings via Zoom, please see the judge’s home page listed at, and follow the instructions listed at


Civil Law and Motion: Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

Motions may be noticed without reserving the hearing date.  Please be sure to check the Court's availability prior to scheduling your motion.  The Court may reset hearing dates as the Court's calendar requires.


Criminal Duty Calendar is heard everyday at 12:00 PM

Due to the Present Health Crisis - Criminal Duty shall be held electronically by Zoom Videoconferencing - see the instructions for connecting above.

COUNSEL:  If you have a criminal hearing which requires outside parties, such as sureties, you need to be sure they have access to Zoom by either a computer, laptop, or cell phone.

Magistrate Judge Hixson's Criminal Duty Calendar is as follows for 2021:

The Entire Month of April 2022

The Entire Month of October 2022


Settlement Conferences shall be scheduled at 10:00 a.m., on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

Once a case is referred to Magistrate Judge Hixson, the Courtroom Deputy will schedule the Settlement Conference on one of those days. If counsel has any conflict with the date scheduled they should contact the Courtroom Deputy, Rose Maher, at: 415-522-4708



Request to appear by telephone must be approved by Judge Hixson.  Counsel shall E-file their request 3 days prior to the hearing, with a proposed Order for the Judge's signature. Upon the request being approved  the Courtroom Deputy will E-file that Order with instructions on placing the call. 

Dial-in number: 1-888-684-8852

Access Code: 2925506

Any questions should be directed to the Courtroom Deputy, Rose Maher, by email:


January 1, 2021- New Year's (Court closed 12/31/2021)

January 17, 2022- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

February 21, 2022 - President's Day

May 30, 2022 - Memorial Day

July 4, 2022 - Independence Day 

September 5, 2022 -  Labor Day

October 10, 2022 - Columbus Day

November 11, 2022 - Veteran's Day

November 24, 2022 - Thanksgiving Day

December 25, 2022 - Christmas Day (Court closed 12/26 for Xmas)

When a Federal Holiday falls on a Sunday, the Court will be closed Monday.  When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Court be closed the preceding Friday.